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The new integrated harness system provides better stability and support with quick release shoulder straps which are secured closer towards the back to provide a more open but more secure fit, helping to prevent the BCD from rolling sliding on the body. Trip is the ideal solution for those who love to travel. The choice of materials (from 420 nylon to D rings in light alloy) and the technical solutions employed (from the small back pack to the Safety Release weight pockets), are aimed to ensure maximum lightness and minimum dimensions without neglecting comfort and performance.

The New SEAC Trip Foldable Travel BCD provides the perfect balance between freedom of movement, fit, comfort and functionality thanks to a list of new features

It is fitted with Semi Frame To Back system with shoulders anchored at the bottom directly to the back pack and with Safety Release weight pockets: an extremely functional and intuitive system. Key characteristics are the possibility to insert any kind of weight, and making it easy to get to and adjust both during immersion and on the surface. In addition, the pocket, in Cordura 1000 resistant to abrasion and cuts, has an internal divider that makes it possible to stabilize the weights.



  • Outer bladder material: PU coated Nylon 420
  • Inner bladder material: PU coated Nylon 420
  • Dump valves: 3 with pull commands
  • “D” rings: 4x 50 mm + 2x 25 mm in light alloy
  • Dry weight (L): 6.6 lbs (complete with hose and weight pockets)

Integrated Weights:

Weight pockets on either side of your waist improve comfort and position in the water by taking the weights off your belt and into your BCD. Each pocket is separated into two parts to organise your lead where you want in your pockets. Each pocket has two oppenings; one at the top to put the weights in and one at the bottom as a quick release if needed.
Both openings are velcro-closed and have a pinch clip to hold them closed when in use. To ditch weights is safe and easy; simply open the pinch clip and pull on the silver handle to release