Our Team

Blue Holic Scuba is a Scuba Diving and Freediving center that also hosts a welcoming local dive community.
Our certified PADI instructors keep class sizes small to provide systematic and safe dive training and instruction in English and Korean. We also sell, rent and repair dive equipment.
The Blue Holic Scuba Community is open to everyone, regardless of age, nationality, identity or race!
Even if we are able to travel around the world, we can only enjoy 30% of our wonderful planet. The ocean is the remaining 70% that is mysterious and beautiful, and waiting for you to explore.
Come adventure and jump into the unknown world with us at Blue Holic Scuba

Blue Holic Scuba Team


Harry Jung
Owner of BHS | PADI Instructor | NAUI Instructor Trainer
Main Language: Korean
Specialties: Freediving, Spearfishing

  • Harry Jung started Blue Holic Scuba in 2015 with the goal of building a bridge between internationally-minded scuba divers and fostering a scuba diving community in Los Angeles.
  • Harry's diving experience started from the Korean Marines Corps in South Korea. 35 years later, Harry is now a NAUI Worldwide Instructor Trainer as well as a PADI Instructor, and has groomed more than 50 divers into professional scuba professionals and instructors.
  • With the Blue Holic Scuba community growing exponentially, Harry has dreams of expanding BHS into the OC in the coming years. 
David "Dae-Wui" Jung
PADI Course Director & TECH Trainer

  • Dae-Wui is a Marine biologist, a PADI Course Director, and a PADI Technical Diving Instructor Trainer. 
  • He has been studying the taxonomy of Nudibranchia (Gastropoda: Mollusca), reporting many undescribed nudibranch species from South Korea and the United States. He loves to see animals all around the world. 
  • If you have any questions about animals, don't hesitate to ask him!!! 
Daniel Lee
PADI Instructor |  NAUI Instructor
Main Languages: English & Korean
Favorite Dives: Wreck and Night Diving
  • Daniel is living proof that even a non-swimmer can be a scuba diver. He learned how to scuba dive in 2007 to challenge himself even though he did not know how to swim.
  • Slowly but steadily, Daniel became comfortable in the water and fell in love with being underwater so much that he became a PADI scuba instructor to share his passion with other ocean-loving people.
  • Daniel's philosophy in diving is that scuba diving is not a sport of competition but a sport of assimilating with nature. His dream is to dive all over the world including Antarctica.
Keline Kanoui
PADI Instructor
Main Languages: English, French & Spanish
Favorite Dives: Wreck and Night Diving
  • Keline started diving at the young age of twelve years old. To Keline's despair, her mother was always trying to get her to do a sporting activity during holidays. One day, the hotel brochure in front of her face, the words Scuba Diving seemed to beam off the page. With glee -and her mother's approval of course!- she started her lessons right then and there.
  • Thirteen years and hundreds of dives all over the world, Keline found her joy at Blue Holic where she keeps inspiring people to love diving and sharks as much as she does. 
Michelle Sham
PADI Instructor
Main Languages: Korean, English & Chinese
Favorite Dives: Oil-Rig Dives
    • Michelle's love for the ocean was inspired by Disney's Little Mermaid. Michelle earned her PADI Open Water when she was 16 in Singapore where she grew up.
    • Michelle worked towards being a PADI instructor because she wants to inspire more women to dive as well as to encourage people to experience the ocean and want to protect it.
    • When she is not working or diving, Michelle is camping or hiking with her rescue dog, Kylo.


    Son Vuong - Blue Holic Scuba Instructor

      Son Vuong
      PADI Instrucor
      Main Languages: English & Vietnamese
      Favorite Dives: With You

      • "An avid lover of nature, and all thing scientific; Son enjoys the world through natural lenses.
      • With the vast uncovered earth, just a few arm strokes away; he finds pleasure in getting wet and going deep.
      • His love for the ocean began, as a Seaman, in the Great White Fleet. Where he traveled the world's oceans as a Submarine Warfare Specialist.
      • Today, he spends time engineering a carbon free future, in a race to protect wild inhabitants, from the devastation of humanity."


      Mr Myung - Dive Master Blue Holic Scuba


      Mr. Myung
      PADI Instructor
      Main Languages: Korean
      Favorite Dives: Warm Water Diving

      • Mr. Myung came to Blue Holic Scuba with the intention of getting over his biggest fear: the deep blue. 
      • Within one year, he not only got over his fear of the water but fell in love with it!
      • Hundreds of dives later, Mr Myung now helps us teach Korean divers and helps them get over their fears by sharing his own experiences. 
      • Mr Myung is by far Blue Holic Scuba's biggest success story!
      Josh Skinner
      PADI Dive Master
      Main Languages: English
      Favorite Dives: Night Dives, Wreck Dives and Spear Fishing
      • Josh Skinner first found his love for diving at 22,  just at the end of his career in the in the United States Army.  After getting out he decided to take his love for diving to the next level and became a Commercial diver and worked on many exciting diving projects in the frigid waters of New England.
      • During this time he also became an instructor with NASE Worldwide and began to share his love of diving with others.
      •  When he's not diving he's either hiking, exploring, and traveling the world or in the studio producing music.
      " We have one earth but two worlds scuba allows me to explore them both."


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