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Pool Session

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Once you purchase your ticket, your spot will be reserved and you will recieve an email with more details! If you are looking to get your scuba certification, this pool session is an ADD ON to the certification fee. Please add the PADI Open Water Course to cart and purchase it with the pool session if you haven't done so already!

If you select OTHER, please make sure you write a date in the notes section at checkout. This date must be a Saturday later than April 11th in the year 2020. We will confirm with you via email.

Its an Upgrade! 

Blue Holic Scuba has partnered up with the Swim Right Academy about 10 minutes down the road from our shop! This is a great upgrade as Swim Right provides a clean, warm pool heated to 88 degrees (no more wetsuits needed in the pool!) and best of all: saline water! No more chlorine, ever!

Swim Right Academy

5870 W Olympic Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036

There will be plenty of parking available when you arrive. Make sure you enter from the back alley and the two story parking lot will be on your right.

Confined Water Session Schedule:

After you complete your knowledge development sessions at the shop (from about 10AM to 4PM), we will head to the pool and get started with the hands on, very fun portion of the class!

5-6:30 PM - Unload equipment, setup by the pool, briefings and get changed into our wetsuits

6:30-8:15 PM - Enter the pool and start your lesson!

8:30-8:45 PM - Shower and get changed into dry clothes


Here are some skills to expect during your confined water dives:

Confined Water Session 1

  • Equipment Preparation and Care 5x
  • Put On and Adjust Weights
  • 200M Continuous Surface Swim
  • 10 Min Surface Swim
  • 300M Snorkeling (if no 200M swim)
  • BWARF - Preform the Buddy Predive Dive Safety Check
  • Inflate/Deflate BCD with Low Pressure Hose
  • Underwater Breathing Naturally - No Breath Hold
  • 2nd Stage Clearing (exhalation and purge methods) & Recovery
  • Mask Clearing (partial and full) & Recovery
  • Alternate Air Source Breathing for 30s
  • Out of Air Simulation. Respond to Air Depletion by signaling “out of air"
  • Surface Swim to Deep Water with Scuba Unit and Snorkel
  • Exchange Snorkel for Regulator and Regulator for Snorkel 2x
  • Orally Inflate BCD until Positively Buoyant
  • Cramp Release Technique for Self and Buddy
  • Adjust for Proper Weighting - Float at eye level while holding normal breath
  • 5 Point Descent at a Controlled Rated while Equalizing
  • Locate and Check SPG. Signal Appropriately
  • Neutral Buoyancy via Fin Pivot using BCD Low Inflator Hose
  • Hovering
  • Underwater Swim while maintaining control / Streamline
  • Equipment Disassembly

Confined Water Session 2

  • Demonstrate Appropriate Deep-Water Entry
  • Perform a Tired Diver Tow for 25meters
  • Remove, Replace, Adjust and Secure Scuba Unit
  • Remove Weight Belt at Surface
  • 5 Point Descent using BCD for Buoyancy Control
  • Remove, Replace, Adjust and Secure Scuba Unit
  • Remove, Replace, Adjust and Secure Weight System
  • Orally Inflate BCD until Positively Buoyant for 1minute
  • Breath Effectively from a Simulated Freeflowing Regulator for 30seconds
  • Swim without a mask for 15 meters
  • Simulate a Controlled Emergency Swimming Ascent for 30 Feet
  • Make a 5 Point Ascent using BCD for Buoyancy Control

Don't be alarmed! These may seem like a lot of skills however it all goes very fast once we're in the water having fun!