Free Diving and Spearfishing Training
Free Diving and Spearfishing Training
Free Diving and Spearfishing Training

Free Diving and Spearfishing Training

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What is Free Diving?

Free diving is breath-hold diving, being in and under the water whilst holding one’s breath, without the use of a breathing apparatus or scuba gear. The origins of free diving can be found in Ancient cultures that used to dive for sponges, using weights tied to their body, to reach bottom of sea floor. Mentions of sponge by Plato suggest that free diving dates back as early as the Archaic Period. Today, free diving is exploding in popularity! Once only a sport for accomplished divers and photographers, it’s now becoming a sought after hobby for general sports and ocean lovers!


Course Information

This course was specially designed by Blue Holic Scuba to teach students free diving skills and techniques, breath holding, equalizing, and safety (and spear fishing if you desire). Every week we will increase your capability to deep dive and maximize your ability to stay underwater longer. By the completion of this course the goal is for every student to feel confident to dive up to 40 feet for 2 minutes. This is a training course only, and will not include a PADI freediving certification.


The Blue Holic Free Diving Course will take a total of 8 weeks to complete (8 pool sessions and 2 ocean dive sessions). You will be required to attend 4 Saturday pool sessions before you will be ready for your first ocean session, and then 4 more pool practice sessions before your final ocean dives, where you will also have the option to learn spearfishing (this will require purchase of a spear gun and fishing license). These sessions do not have to be completed back to back and can be spread out over time to accommodate your schedule.


If you would like to attend this course, you will need to come to the shop to sign your student waiver and purchase your gear (if you do not have it already) before your first pool session. The next step is to reserve your pool session on our calendar page, and this will determine when you begin.

The gear you will need for the course:

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If you already have all of your gear and would like to take the course, the cost is $400, and you can purchase through this page. You will also need to come to the shop to sign your waiver, and then purchase your first pool session on our calendar page to begin.