California Ocean Life Guide

California Ocean Life Guide

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Underwater Spotter’s California Ocean Life Guide cover the top 50 most common and interesting fish in California. We challenge you to find all 50 creatures in the book, such as fish, coral, sponges, clams, nudibranchs, starfish, pufferfish, sharks, and turtles. Learn the bizarre and interesting fishy facts for each species

Unlike Any Other Fish Guide on the Market

We wanted a simple and fun way to learn about fish identification and strange fish behavior but didn't want to feel like we were reading a textbook. So we designed Underwater Spotter Ocean Life Guides to be beautiful, easy to use, and jam-packed full of fun fishy facts and behavioral insights for divers and snorkelers to learn the ocean animals they see underwater.


Underwater Spotter challenges divers to find all 50 fish in the guide. By only including the top 50 ocean animals from a region (instead of hundreds), divers can start learning quickly to build their foundational identification knowledge.


Underwater Spotter Guides only include the most fascinating fish facts. We leave out the scientific names and technical language to completely focus on what divers find most interesting – the beautiful and strange lives of fish.


Underwater Spotter’s Ocean Life Guides make fish identification easy by pointing out 3 obvious fish family characteristics for quick recognition and by comparing 3 simple distinctions between commonly confused fish.

What's Inside the Guide?

Track Your Progress

Interactive and Engaging. Find a new sense of purpose on your next dive. Search the seas to find all 50 fish in your new Ocean Life Guide. Check off each fish as you find it to track your progress. Compete with other divers to see who can find the most fish.

Learn Fascinating Fish Facts

Interesting and Fun. Discover the hidden wonders of fish behavior. Learn the bizarre ways fish spend their days and find out when and where fish perform their most interesting behaviors. By knowing more, you will see more.

Recognize All Families

Simple and Straightforward. Know how to easily identify entire fish families by looking for their 3 obvious traits. Be able to tell the difference between commonly confused fish families by learning the 3 simple differentiators.

Who Is This For?

Our Ocean Life Guides are perfect for a wide variety of divers and snorkelers.

The Casual Diver

Casual scuba divers want to learn more about fish identification, but aren’t interested in scientific fish names or overly technical information. They want the foundational, important, and fun information that Underwater Spotter beautifully displays.

The Beginner Diver

Beginner scuba divers can become easily overwhelmed with learning all the fish families, looking at hundreds of different species underwater, and trying to match the creatures they found with huge fish identification books. Underwater Spotter simplifies this process by only focusing on 50 fish at a time. Our guides also display easy tips to quickly and accurately identify entire fish families.

The Ocean Animal Lover

Why is that fish doing that? What is it going to do next? Ocean animal loving divers want to learn about the fascinating and secret lives of underwater creatures. That’s why Underwater Spotter focuses heavily on fun fishy facts and behavior for every species and fish family.



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