Love is in the air...and water!

Looking for a Valentine's gift for the scuba diver in your life?

You've come to the right place!

Here are some great ways to show the LOVE! 

California Ocean Life Guide

Underwater Spotter’s California Ocean Life Guide cover the top 50 most common and interesting fish in California. We challenge you to find all 50 creatures in the book, such as fish, coral, sponges, clams, nudibranchs, starfish, pufferfish, sharks, and turtles. Learn the bizarre and interesting fishy facts for each species.
$19 + tax
Don't let a damaged O-ring make you abort a dive!
This Mini Dry Box save-a-dive kit can come in handy when you need an O-ring. Each kit has 10 O-ring pieces, comes in multiple colors, and is very convenient due to its compact size. With every dive saved, this is truly the gift that keeps on giving!
$11 + tax

Deluxe Folding Slate

$20 + tax

Folding Wrist Slate

$20 + tax

Another must have gift item for all Scuba divers is an underwater slate!
We offer two options: the deluxe folding slate and the folding wrist slate.
Underwater slates allow you communicate quickly and accurately, document the marine life you see, or just make notes or maps. Easily cleaned off after the dive, a diver slate or note book should be with you on every dive!

Kraken NR-1200 Dive Light

The NR-1200 is everything you need for a recreational dive light. Compact and tough. It is the perfect addition to any dive kit!

$149 + tax


and of course..

Blue Holic Scuba Diver T-shirt

What a great way to show your love and support of Blue Holic and all things diving! And you will look COOL too!

$14 + tax


We also offer gift certificates!

Wishing you and yours Lots of Love from the Blue Holic Family!