Tips to Avoid Seasickness

Seasickness is no fun!

Here are some tips to ensure that you have the most comfortable and fun dive.

-Avoid alcohol and hydrate the night before.. being dehydrated and hung over on a boat is the worst!

-Take a seasickness aid such as Dramamine early! We recommend taking something as early as the day before as well as the day of your dive. Other products such as wristbands, patches, or antihistamines are available at your local pharmacy and can be very helpful. 

-Ginger is a great natural remedy and can be ingested as a candy, gum, gingerale or tea.

-Cola (provided on the boat) also contains phosphoric acid and sugars which help prevent nausea.

-Bananas and coconut milk are also a good snack to keep your body happy and helpful with preventing cramping in the water. Some people even swear by chocolate :)

-Sometimes it is harmful to drink too much caffeine before the boat ride or while the boat is moving if you have a sensitive stomach.

-Some find standing up and staying central to the boat helpful. Also keep your line of vision on the horizon. Others find it helpful to lay horizontally, either in the fresh air at the top deck or in the beds below deck where it can be quieter and darker.

-It is important to eat and stay hydrated between dives as well. You are provided with meals and snacks on the boat, however, having something neutral like saltines or granola bars is a good idea if your body is feeling extra sensitive.

-Most importantly, listen to your body, stay hydrated, and if you feel sick.. it's best to just LET IT OUT! Seasickness happens to the best of us, so no judgment, lean off the side of the boat and get some relief!

 These links have a ton of information and more tips to help:
Additionally, if you are in the water and find yourself feeling nauseous, do not remove your regulator! It may sound daunting or even disgusting, but the reg is designed to purge the puke and protect you from choking.
This article explains regulator safety under these circumstances:


We want everyone to have a pleasant, happy and safe diving experience! We hope these tips are helpful!