Catalina Island Dive Trip [May 12 2019]

Catalina Island Dive Trip [May 12 2019]

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Destination may be subject to change: We have tentatively selected Casino Point in Catalina Island as the destination to this Sunday May 12th Dive however we might charter a Boat called The Westley!  

We will most likely depart from San Pedro Harbor or Long Beach Harbor around 7AM and return to the harbor by 6PM the same day. 

This price includes 3 Dives but does not include any meals.


Casino Point is the first nonprofit underwater park in the country (and maybe the world), and offers the best shore diving in California! To make entry and exit in and out of the water as easy as possible, there are cement stairs with handrails. The Park is about 2.5 acres in size, which means it is large enough to do several dives without traversing over the same areas.  The Park’s boundaries are clearly marked with a line of buoys to keep boats and divers away from one another.  The diverse under-sea world at the Underwater Park offers both beginner and expert divers a dive experience like no other area

Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts who come to enjoy clear waters and abundant sea life find it free of mainland pollution and surf. The depth ranges from the rocky shoreline to 95 feet deep. Primarily the park consists of the fastest growing plant in the world, Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera).

The park's bottom contour reveals rock walls and outcroppings, boulders, pinnacles and a sandy seafloor on its outer edges, which is truly representative of Catalina Island's different characteristics.

This is a reserved area so no hunting of any kind will be allowed.