Catalina Island Trip [March 17th 2024]
Catalina Island Trip [March 17th 2024]
Catalina Island Trip [March 17th 2024]

Catalina Island Trip [March 17th 2024]

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The diving here is world class with everything to offer from kelp forests to gorgeous rocky bottoms. Visibility at the islands averages 50 feet and can exceed 100 feet. Swimming through a kelp forest is spectacular. Many compare the experience to flying through a forest of trees with fish instead of birds. Most trips will yield 3 dives.

This will either be a Boat Trip or a Casino Point National Park Trip. Please find details for both bellow:

Catalina Island Casino Point Trip Highlights

Casino Point is the first nonprofit underwater park in the country (and maybe the world), and offers the best shore diving in California! To make entry and exit in and out of the water as easy as possible, there are cement stairs with handrails. The Park is about 2.5 acres in size, which means it is large enough to do several dives without traversing over the same areas.  The Park’s boundaries are clearly marked with a line of buoys to keep boats and divers away from one another.  The diverse under-sea world at the Underwater Park offers both beginner and expert divers a dive experience like no other area

Scuba diving and snorkeling enthusiasts who come to enjoy clear waters and abundant sea life find it free of mainland pollution and surf. The depth ranges from the rocky shoreline to 95 feet deep. Primarily the park consists of the fastest growing plant in the world, Giant kelp (Macrocystis pyrifera).

The park's bottom contour reveals rock walls and outcroppings, boulders, pinnacles and a sandy seafloor on its outer edges, which is truly representative of Catalina Island's different characteristics.

This is a reserved area so no hunting of any kind will be allowed. 


Departing Address : 320 Golden Shr, Long Beach CA 90802

Ship Name : Catalina Express

Boarding Time: 5:30AM

Boat Departure Time: 6AM


Catalina Island Scuba Dive Trip Highlights

  • Departs from Marina Drive in Long beach at 7:45AM and returns around 5PM.
  • All trips are full, single-day trips and include three unguided dives!
  • Leave the picnic basket at home. Meals, drinks, and snacks are included!

What’s Included

  • Three unguided dives off of Catalina Island. 
  • Air fills  are provided on the boat in between all three dives.
  • All drinks, snacks, and breakfast
  • A warm homemade lunch (We try to include fresh fruits and greens and vegetarian selections. Please advise of us of special dietary needs and preferences ahead of time)
  • Tanks:  Choose from 85cf low pressure steel or standard 80cf aluminum tanks (some larger and smaller tanks available by arrangement). 

Scuba and Snorkel Gear Rental

All rental gear can be included for your trip at an additional cost. Please call the shop at (323) 641-7416 to inquire about rentals.


Departing Address : 182 N. Marina Drive Long Beach, CA 90803


Boarding Time: 7AM

Boat Departure Time: 7:45AM



All payments are non-refundable. If you need to cancel your reservation and you can contact our office seven full business days (one week) before your trip departs, we can offer rain check redeemable anytime in the subsequent 12 months

Please ensure you enter correct contact information on the payment screen as trips are often subject to change. We cannot dial international numbers, so if you are traveling, please provide an accurate email address as this is the only way you will be notified of trip changes.

Seasickness medication is recommended before departure. Also it is worth noting that we may have some spearfishers aboard. 

We require a minimum of 1 day in advance to book this activity online. Alternatively, you can contact our office directly (323-641-7416) to inquire about short-term bookings.