Basic HD Dive Boot, 5MM
Basic HD Dive Boot, 5MM
Basic HD Dive Boot, 5MM
Basic HD Dive Boot, 5MM

Basic HD Dive Boot, 5MM

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Keep your feet warm and comfortable inside these Basic Heavy-Duty SCUBA Boots from SEAC. Made from 5mm neoprene, these semi-rigid boots feature a high-traction sole that grips tightly to the surface and keeps you stable, even wearing all your SCUBA gear. Soft polyurethane instep with strap-stop notch on the heel and a lining made from standard nylon.

The SEAC Basic HD boot is perfect for any diver headed to cooler waters. With a oblique seal zipper and rigid, high-grip sole for open heel fins, the HD is made for an easy and comfortable fit for everyone. Ideal for shore diving, the SEAC HD boot has a heavy duty sole to protect you from walking on rocks, hot sand, etc...


  • Rubber Heel and Toe Caps for protection and stability
  • Anti Slip Grip to keep you from slipping on a slippery surface (boat deck, paddle boarding,etc)
  • Designed for Open Heel Adjustable Strap Fins
  • Ideal for Shore Scuba and all water sports that require puncture resistant foot-protection
  • Ideal for Boat diving, and water sports like wakeboarding, kiteboarding, kayaking, etc.
  • Water Tight Zipper: heavy duty zipper for a water-entry-barrier- to keep feet dry


How to Choose the Dive Footwear According to the Water Temperature

Seac footwear offers the perfect balance of warmth and flexibility for scuba divers, and different water sports in all weather and water conditions.

For Water temperatures from 16°C to 24°C or more ( 60°F to 75°F:): Choose a thickness from 1 to 3mm.

For Water temperatures from 10°C or less to 18°C ( 50°F to 62°F:): Choose a thickness from 5 to 7mm.