AXS Round Toe Freediving & Surf Boot, 3MM
AXS Round Toe Freediving & Surf Boot, 3MM
AXS Round Toe Freediving & Surf Boot, 3MM
AXS Round Toe Freediving & Surf Boot, 3MM

AXS Round Toe Freediving & Surf Boot, 3MM

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The Hyperflex AXS boot brings a refreshing simplicity and efficiency to the surf boot. By keeping seams minimal and having a low-profile design, Hyperflex was able to improve durability and keep costs down. Those key benefits are passed on to you while still being an excellent  freediving and surfing cold water boot. If you want maximum functionality, comfort and flex, the AXS boot simply does it all without breaking the bank. Features sealed seams, textured soles for grip, and durable nylon laminates.


Unmatched Price Point
your wallet will thank you and you will be warm, comfortable and happy. A superior value among all other options.
GBS Seams
we double-glue and blind-stitch all seams using a single-needle which does not puncture a hole all the way through the neoprene which prevents water from leaking in while also maintaining a highly flexible and low-profile construction.
DiamondSkin Sole
provides excellent traction and protection without losing feeling and control. Miniature diamond-shaped channels provide consistent grip in all directions while allowing water to migrate away from in-between the boot and the board.
ExoShell Membrane
a vulcanized heel lock/ arch membrane that improves support, comfort and fit.
an extremely durable and wear-resistant 4-way stretch neoprene that is virtually bomb-proof and that will stand the test of time.