Nitrox Diver Course

Nitrox Diver Course

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Nitrox Diver Course

Nitrox Diver Course

What are the advantages of Nitrox diving?


1. Extended time of non-decompression limit

2. Prolonging decompression time

3. Shorten rest time before re-diving

4. Increase diving time when diving again

5. Reducing no-flight time after diving

6. and some more

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do after purchasing Nitrox Diver Course? 


After you purchase Nitrox Diver Course, the instructor will contact you according to your account via email or phone call. Then, you will schedule for meeting.

You will come to our dive shop on the scheduled day and will go through orientation, instuctions, and you will schedule further appointments for swimming pool and ocean dive sessions.