-22% Open Water SCUBA Course

Open Water SCUBA Course (Basic SCUBA Diving Course)

1. One time In-Class Lecture at Blue Holic Scuba Dive Shop at 6:30 PM on every Tuesday (Orientation, instructions on equipment and safety)

2. Two times of Swimming Pool Training Sessions at Fremont Pool (7630 Towne Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90003) at 7:30 PM on every Thursday

    *Pool Admittance Fee - $20

3. 2 Times of Ocean Dive Sessions

    *either beach dive or boat dive, subject to current schedule

    *boat and/or equipment rental fees are out-of-pocket expenses

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Open Water SCUBA Course

Basic SCUBA Course (Open Water Course)

Q. Can I still SCUBA dive even when I cannot swim? 


You do not have to know how to swim well in order to SCUBA dive. Of course, knowing how to swim helps.

Normally, there are more people who cannot swim well; not swimming well may mean simply "cannot swim" or "did not get proper lesson."

People who cannot swim are most afraid of drinking water and sinking. However, when a diver wears wetsuits, he or she floats automatically. Also, SCUBA diving is a sport which a diver has to sink with a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA).

The biggest hinderance to start diving is not that you cannot swim well, but it is that you are afraid of water by not simming well. Please stop worrying, and when you let the instructor know about your issues, he or she will lead safely and comfortably to the water and underwater.

Just trust us and apply now!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I do after I purchased Open Water Course? 


After you purchase Open Water Course, the instructor will contact you according to your account via email or phone call. Then, you will schedule for meeting.

You will come to our dive shop on the scheduled day and will go through orientation, instuctions, and you will schedule further appointments for swimming pool and ocean dive sessions.